Poster Billboards


Poster & Billboards

Billboards and posters are an amazing way to get your brand out there. They offer a canvas to promote your brand that is larger and more eye-catching then conventional signage. Used by television studios, politicians and retail alike for many years, billboard sign campaigns bring value in many ways.

When your billboard signage conveys the correct message to your targeted audience, this converts heavily into converting potential customers into guaranteed customers. Due to their ability to grab interest at any point during the day, they allow potential clients to absorb the information you are displaying easily.

We specialise in printing extremely high quality billboard posters. We are proud to be able to print large designs to the exact quality that you send them to us, without a loss of colour of definition.

One of the reasons billboards are so successful is because of the lack of potential competition that surrounds them. Using the custom printed graphics, we can help you design, you can really showcase your brand and logo in a way that is going to leave a lasting imprint on people’s memories.

Billboard design can be extremely stressful, because of this it can be really hard to know what design to use. It will probably be the largest thing you ever have to design or think about. Our design team can really help you here, but before you come to us with your designs, here are a few things to think about.

Scale & Size

A good method to use when thinking of your billboard signage, is to think of the space as a large business card. If you do not have any visually stirring graphics to show off, then going for a simple design, with your logo and what you do in prominence, may be the best bet.

Consider your audience and location

Deciding where to place your billboard should rely upon who you want to see it. When you have chosen your target audience, the location should be easier to figure out. Make sure you know of any local rules regarding what can and cannot be displayed in that location. Aim for high traffic areas wherever possible, this will give you a higher number of potential customers who might read your billboard signs.

Colour and Graphics are King

Deciding upon your colour scheme, will probably be the hardest part of your design process. As with all signage, you want to focus on branding and visibility as priorities. Billboards allow for something that you do not normally get in the sign industry…space. Make sure your billboard does not look crowded or sparse and make sure the eye is drawn to the right part of the sign.

Simple Message

The industry has a well-tested formula when it comes to the text you display on your billboards and large posters.

  • Three lines of text, with five words.
  • Five lines of text, with three words

If you are planning on starting a billboard or large poster sign campaign, we suggest you have a think about the things above. When you have a rough idea, get in touch and our design team should be able to help you figure out the rest.