Sign Trays

Sign trays are strong and durable but lightweight signs made from aluminium. The structure of the materials allow for a huge variety of customisation. You have a huge level of control over what you can build with a sign tray. With our high-end machines we can laser cut to pinpoint precision, this opens up a whole world of design option.

As they are made from aluminium, these trays can be used in any condition, inside or out. This makes aluminium sign trays perfect for any events or to put up in a car park. Aluminium composite sign trays have a smooth flat face, and this is the perfect place to use a vinyl detail. Using vinyl details against a sign tray backdrop can create some spectacular results.

Sign trays are perhaps the most popular sign that we produce. As they are cost-effective and durable, while still being aesthetically pleasing, they are very appealing to business owners. As we only use the highest-grade aluminium, machined on our top of the range CNC router, you can rest easy knowing that your sign is going to be the highest quality on the market. You get the best service in the game when you order your sign trays direct from us.

A step up from a simple tray sign is to go with either an Illuminated tray sign or an illuminated projection tray sign.

An illuminated tray sign is where we take a normal tray sign, laser cut the logo or wording, back the cuts with an acrylic and then illuminate from inside using cost-efficient high output LED’s. This creates a sign that can be seen at all hours, with a much more striking appeal. This option is perfect for businesses that want an around the clock presence, or for those that are open late.

An illuminated projection tray signs allow you to place your logo, illuminated in all its glory, perpendicularly to your business. This allow you to put your brand into the eyesight of the public. By illuminating this sign, you give that sign 24/7 visibility. The mix of prominence and illumination are the reason why illuminated projection tray signs are becoming extremely popular.

Benefits of using sign trays:

  • Very lightweight with quick install times.
  • Resistant to wind damage.
  • Very durable,
  • Modern sleek. appearance
  • Versatile
  • Great variety of colours and design options.

If you are still using any of the old sign styles, like panatrims, changing to tray signs is a no-brainer. Tray signs simply perform better in every single category and are much more cost-effective. Get in touch now to speak to our design team!