Directional Signage

It is difficult for people to navigate somewhere new without proper signage. It is vital for visitors to be given the information they need to ensure they get the most out of a new environment and are given the best possible experience. Directional signage also called wayfinding signs to help to direct people to their desired destination.

You will find these in schools, universities, hospitals, shopping centres to name but a few. Directional signage for events such as festivals and wedding directional signage can also be a fantastic way to ensure that guests get the most of their experiences. Both temporary and permanent signage options are available.

When people go somewhere new, they will look for maps or signage to help them. If these don’t exist, then they may become frustrated and you could lose their custom.

Directional signage has the potential to boost your business and promotes the use of your amenities. We can provide professional looking and stylish signs which will allow people to navigate with ease and confidence.

Perhaps your business has moved or expanded. Directional signage will guide your customers to you and guide them through services when they get there. This may be especially important if your place of business has stairs, hallways, more then one building or load-bearing pillars.

Fire directional signage is also important for health and safety. It will direct people outside quickly and easily. This should be an important consideration for anywhere where directional signage is needed for people to find their way. 

Well-designed signage will ensure that the signs are the right size, easily understood, provide accurate information, are well-located and consistent in design. This will not only help people to easily use your services, but they will also improve brand awareness. Directional signage is an opportunity for you to showcase your logo and brand in several places. 

We will work with you to put in place a good system to ensure that you can make the most out of your signage. We can provide both outdoor and indoor directional signage and ensure that it is consistent and easy to navigate throughout. We can create directional arrow signage which will clearly tell people where they need to go. There are ranges of materials available to you, such as acrylic, bronze, brass, stainless steel, aluminium, glass, wood and vinyl.

Directional signage or wayfinding signs have many benefits such as:

  • Directional arrow signage allows people to easily navigate your business.
  • Ensures people have a positive experience with your business.
  • Builds brand awareness.
  • Showcases your logo.
  • Entices in new customers.
  • Ensures that your place of business looks professional.
  • Tailored solutions.
  • Fire directional signage promotes health and safety.
  • Outdoor and indoor directional signage ensures brand consistency.
  • Wedding directional signage and directional signage for events provides your guests with the best possible experience.

Placing directional signage indoors and outdoors is essential if your place of business is in any way confusing for new customers or service users. It will ensure that people have a positive experience and can get the most out of what you have to offer.