Etched Vinyl

If you are Looking for Specialist Etched & Frosted Vinyl graphics of immense quality but also no limits in terms of how much depth you can put into your ideas, but also at an affordable price, then look no further than Stemm sign-makers. Here at Stemm, we have a top design team looking to realize your dreams and welcome the challenge of your innovative ideas. We offer to beat any quote and are second to none in terms of service and quality.

Etched glass vinyl is a unique graphical product that gives a traditional sandblasting look to clear substrate materials such as polycarbonate, acrylic, and glass. This unique product adds a smart and classic look onto your building to leave a lasting impression on people that view it. Previous Clients have used this kind of vinyl internally as decoration, either by decorative borders that include the company’s logo and corporate branding and can go alongside perfectly with other vinyl products to create your unique image.

Etched glass vinyl, is perfect for meeting rooms in your business, making the area private whilst also allowing light to enter the room and also offering the illusion that the premises are bigger than it is. This also works perfectly in busy communal areas in parts of your business by enhancing privacy.

We can directly print in full colour or white ink while still maintaining the semi-opaque nature that you desire from the vinyl, this splash of colour brings your design to life and adds even more potential to bring diverse ideas to the table.

Due to our top of the range printers, we are also able to print more colour or white ink onto specific spots of the design, making it more or less opaque or even block out a section completely. Our Frosted vinyl is available in different finishes, each offering a different creative effect that and allows you to choose based on your individual preference. Silver Etch is particularly good for designs that want a high level of opacity and dusted etch proved a higher level of transparency. Our Crystal Etch offers a unique glitter effect.

  • Create the best possible first impression.
  • Builds brand awareness.
  • Showcases your logo.
  • Ensures that your business appears professional.
  • Full range of letters numbers and shapes.
  • We only use the highest quality machines to create high end etched vinyl window graphics.
  • Highest spec etched glass vinyl film on the market.