Hanging Signs

Hanging signs, or projection signs as they are sometimes known, are an amazing way to give your business a strong presence on the high street. Our professional hanging signs really catch the eye from all directions.

Customers are bombarded with ads and signs every day, knowing this, we make sure our hanging signs stand out, for all the right reasons. Our hanging signs are designed to stop those pedestrians who would have otherwise walked by. After you have grabbed their attention, they are much more likely to see your products or brand.

We build our signs by using a flat piece of material, such as aluminium and folding it to create the shape you desire. We then use our high-end laser cutter to create the logo, then use a vinyl film or powder coating to produce the colour scheme.

Hanging shop signs can be installed to any existing wall or sign, allowing for you to project your brand into a more visible plane. This makes it easier for passing drivers to see and will increase the time that pedestrians will spend looking at your brand logo.

Our hanging signs come in range of materials; this means we can tailor the sign to your needs. We can produce them in aluminium or dibond, both of which have the potential for illumination. This style is popular with businesses such as fast food shops and retail and is often used for hanging fire exit signs too.

Hanging signs from the ceiling is also great for exhibitions too, lightweight and easy to install, they are perfect for shows. Hanging pub signs and hanging house signs are also extremely popular. If you are after that classic look, we can use a mix of wrought iron, wood and Foamex, to give your sign that rustic feel.

Projection signs can be created in almost any shape. Popular shapes include squares rectangles and circles. As the signs give visual cues to your potential customers, having control over which shape you want to use to showcase your logo is vital. Hanging signs are also the best choice for brands that plan to franchise or open other location, as the design can be replicated multiple times.

In recent years we have seen a massive surge in the innovation around low-voltage lighting too. Thanks to this we can also use a mix of neon and internal lighting to really make a mark. If you want that “Wow” factor, this might be your best option. This is best used for hanging shop signs and hanging fire exit signs.

Benefits of using high quality hanging signs include:

  • A great first impression.
  • A clear indication of where visitors should go.
  • Projects your logo and brand into more visible planes.
  • Builds brand awareness.
  • Showcases your logo.
  • Ensures that your business appears professional and creates trust.
  • Easy to replicate for brand expansion.

Great choice of illumination options.