Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs are any signs that have an illuminated aspect. This can range from tray signs to acrylic, projection signs and neon. As long as it has external or internal illumination. With the ever-advancing science surrounding LED’s, we are seeing a massive increase in the number of illuminated signs we produce. Thanks to the innovations around cost and life span, people can afford to have those show-stopping light up signs they have always dreamed of.

LED now produces excellent levels of light, cost very little to run and have a huge range of customisable features. Popular additions can be RGB controllers and programs that run to specific colour patterns.

Illuminated signs for businesses are also becoming much more popular. Companies come to us all across the country to produce their illuminated fire exit signs and illuminated shop signs. LED’s mounted behind cut-outs give you a great way to accentuate a sharp, simple logo, this works especially well with our acrylic lettering.

Studies indicate that upgrading to illuminated signage can increase your sales by nearly 35%. This number applies across all industries. So whether you are a small bakery or a large corporation, the benefits to your brand awareness and presence, remain the same. LED lights also last a lot longer, are cheaper to buy and cost a lot less to run than old styles of lighting. They are also much more environmentally friendly, being potentially 80% more efficient then Neon or Fluorescent lighting.

If you prefer a more sophisticated look, going for a halo style by using aluminium cut-outs and back-facing LED’s to allow the light to escape creates a striking result.

If you are looking for illuminated house signs or illuminate house name signs, we have you covered too. Our LED backed illuminated house signs are a great way to give the entrance to your property some character.

All of our signs are custom made to your specifications and are extremely effective. We use only the highest quality materials, and the most cutting edge LED lighting to produce our signs. This means we can guarantee that our signs will last longer and look better than any of our competitors.

Benefits of using illuminated signs

  • Prominent visibility.
  • 24-hour visibility, even in darkness.
  • Improves brand presence
  • LED signs are brighter than Florescent and Neon lighting.
  • Much longer lifespan.
  • LED are much cheaper to run and are environmentally friendly.
  • LED signs require much less maintenance.

LED signs come with a much better range of design options