Pop Up Displays

Pop-up displays are perfect if you are looking for something that is sure to grab people’s attention and show them that you are a professional company that they want to do business with. They to go one step further than a roller banner and create a larger 3D presentation. Pop-up displays can be customised to create something unique and artistic and can be taken anywhere.

Pop-up displays are available in curved or straight designs are an ideal way to advertise your product or services on shop floors, exhibitions, trade shows, events or shopping centres to create maximum impact. These can easily be assembled very quickly and neatly taken down and placed in their carry case for storage to be used again. The frames of pop-up displays are a lightweight aluminium and the graphics are applied using magnetic strips.

Pop-up displays come at an initial cost which is greater than a roller banner. However, they are sturdy and protected in their cases. They will last you a long time, and the investment will be made back through the new customers you are guaranteed to bring in.

Despite their sturdy and professional appearance, pop-up displays are easy to put together with their smart, magnetic arms. Although they take a bit longer than a banner, pop-up displays remain simple. Furthermore, they are still easy to transport and lightweight considering their size, and impressive appearance. The extra time is worth it, for elevating your brand and business.

Highly versatile, from small pop up banner displays to large scale pop up trade show displays: The 3D effect allows for endless possibilities. You can create something unique and display large amounts of information or an eye-catching image. Anything can be printed across a variety of shapes and sizes. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

The large canvas will allow you to display your brand exactly how you want to. A clear message is sure to attract the right visitors. They look professional, engaging and can be very impressive. Pop-up displays will allow you to make the most out of the space you are given and will allow you to claim a space for your brand, wherever you are. You can also incorporate LED lights into your pop-up displays to ensure that you grab everyone’s attention.

If you are looking for pop up displays UK, then come no further. We can help you work out a design, size, and shape that is unique to you. Just get in touch and we will discuss your needs and ensure that you have the best possible display.

Benefits of pop-up displays:

  • They look impressive, professional and eye-catching.
  • They will elevate your brand.
  • Easy to assemble and store away.
  • Long-lasting.
  • You can take your best branding anywhere you go.
  • LED lights can be incorporated.

Pop-up displays are an exciting way to showcase your brand, no matter where you are. They are professional and will get you noticed.