Retail Signage

When it comes to retail signage, deciding what is best for your business is as an important decision as it has always been. Using retail signage displays has always been a highly successful way to improve brand awareness and encourage traffic.

Nowadays, with the rising trend of social media, pedestrians are relying less and less on what they have seen, and more on what they have read online. There is still a huge percentage of customers that will pass your store though, so it is vital to grab their attention and create an image that is going to last in their minds.

There are several different options we suggest for retail signage. All of them have their different benefits.

Pavement Signs

With the benefits of being durable, lightweight and lightening fast to set-up, pavement signs have been a solid tactic for retail owners for years. You can use them to put your brand right in the middle of the flow of pedestrians, or at least in immediate eye-line as they walk past. For smallers businesses you can use a well made A-board, for place with high traffic, you may want to get a weighted bottom pavement sign. We even build retail digital signage, this can be placed in your pavement signs to really catch the eye of your customers.

Projection/Hanging Signs

Hanging signs or projection signs, as they are commonly known, are the perfect way to grab someone attention on a busy high street. Thanks to their placement, they do not have to follow the same restrictions as pavement signs. Using a variety of materials to give you either a classy or a sleek modern look, these signs are an excellent method at extending your presence on the high street.

Window Vinyl

Window vinyl, graphics and clings are all great way to use your window space to advertise. With the ability to cut out almost any shape, unlimited colour potential and an advertising space that is much closer to eye-level, window vinyls are extremely effective. Display branding, show your opening times or highlight sales, there is unlimited potential.

Signage in retail is vital, the correct signage has the following benefits:

  • Allows customers to easily find your store.
  • Allows you to put important information about the store in a prominent location.
  • Attracts customers to visit your store.

Some things to bare in mind, if you are planning to purchase retail signage:

  • Never block your entrance with signage
  • Place the signage in the location where it is easiest to view from most directions.
  • Display as much necessary information as you can without cluttering the board.
  • Choose the right colour scheme for your target audience.
  • Keep it short and intuitive.

The benefits of a good sign campaign in retail are plentiful. You will see better customer interaction and an increased customer base too. We install all aspects of retail signage to a quality level you should expect. We only use the highest grade materials and the best equipment. This means our retail signage displays are second to none. So if you are ready to start your custom retail signage campaign, get in touch!